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3 Reasons Why Car Shades Are Necessary to Beat the Heat

Car shades help keep the interior of the vehicle cooler. They block ultraviolet rays that cause a car’s interior to become overheated. They also protect electronics. Read on to learn more about why they’re needed. You’ll be glad you bought one!

Protection against UVA and UVB rays

UVA and UVB rays are very harmful to the eyes, and the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause macular degeneration and reduced vision. Using sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection is an excellent way to protect your eyes. They are a great investment to protect your vision and eye health.

To protect your skin from the sun, you should always wear clothing or sunglasses with a high-quality SPF. The best type of sunscreen is SPF 20 or higher, and should offer full-spectrum protection. It should be reapplied after swimming or sweating.

If you have small children or animals, you should never leave them in the car unattended. Summer temperatures can soar above 180 degrees inside a car, and small children and animals are less tolerant of extreme temperatures. Fortunately, car windows are made of laminated glass that blocks 99% of UVA rays. However, side and rear windows offer little or no protection from the sun’s damaging UVA rays. These rays penetrate the skin and cause aging and brown spots.

In late spring and early summer, the sun’s rays are most intense. These rays can damage your skin in just 15 minutes. You can also get damaged household items, electronics, and car seats from UV exposure. Regular clear window glass blocks about 80% of UV-B rays but only a small percentage of UV-A rays. To increase your protection, you can purchase car shades that are made of UV-blocking materials.

There are many types of car shades, including window socks, roll-down blinds, and suction cup shades. What you see and expect of these products is what you get, as seen on snapshades.com.au. The main purpose of a car sunshade is to protect against UV rays and heat. Make sure to buy a sunshade that will protect you and your kids.

UVA and UVB rays are harmful to your health, so wearing sunglasses and wearing sunscreen is essential. Wearing clothing and sunglasses with a broad-spectrum SPF will protect your skin from sun damage and premature skin aging.

Reduces interior temperature

One option to help reduce interior temperature is ceramic window film. This type of film is more expensive than other options, but it will lower the interior temperature of your car and increase its resale value. Ceramic window film is also durable and doesn’t affect the car’s electronics. It will help make your car more comfortable, too.

Protects electronics

Direct sunlight and heat can damage car electronics, particularly the touch screens. A car sunshade can prevent this damage by blocking UV rays. Sunshades also protect interiors from sun damage, including dashboards and seats. Exposure to sunlight can cause the paint to fade and the seats to crack and break. Using a car sunshade can help protect your interiors and extend the life of your electronics.