Adjunct Project has a heart-driven mission that strives for everyone to work together for a common interest and with an extreme passion for the improvement of the whole community. We aim to encourage young people, working adults, and every community member to combine forces to help and improve the lives of people who are in need by providing different services through the spirit of volunteerism.

For our mission to be effective, our platform provides encouraging content not just to convince but to advise people on how they can start providing their services to the community. We also provide information to help us and our readers assess community needs, design projects to address community issues, and most importantly, let them enjoy the priceless life exchanging experience of volunteering.

Our team here in Adjunct Project hopes to encourage the youth to become actively involved and passionate in community service as early as they can. We believe that starting from a young age will nurture our spirit and values to become better and moral-driven citizens in the future. The experience and lessons we learn in community engagement are important valuable gems we can teach to our children and to the future generations to come.