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Interesting Facebook Marketing Features You Must Try for Your Company

While a Facebook business page may be a good idea for some companies, it can also be a good idea to experiment with other features of the social networking site. These features range from page tips to Custom Audiences and ad scheduling. Below, we will take a look at some Facebook marketing features you should try today. You might find them useful! Alternatively, you can also check out the full list of Facebook marketing features. 

Page Tips  

If you want to maximize the reach of your Facebook page, here are some tips you can follow.

Publish a pinned post: A pinned post is a regular post on Facebook that stays at the top of the Page. When someone visits your Page, this will be the first thing they see. Pina text post, video, or poll to make it the most visible to visitors. Just make sure you add a caption so that people can easily read what you’ve written. 

Use high-quality visuals. High-quality visuals help people connect with your page, which is why people follow a page if it provides valuable content. Your goal may not be to gain Facebook followers but to convert them into active consumers. Use call-to-action buttons to direct visitors to the next step, like buying your product or signing up for your newsletter. If you’re not sure how to use call-to-action buttons, consider integrating one on your website or newsletter. 

Page Insights 

If you want to make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts, you should partner with Voy Advertising Agency. Then, download Page Insights. The basic version of this tool lets you view the most important data from your Page. However, you’ll find it difficult to analyze the results. If you want to get an idea of how well your posts are performing, consider exporting the data in a spreadsheet. Once you have the spreadsheet, you can sort the data by the date range and choose the posts you want to see. Keep in mind that the maximum data you can export is 180 days and 500 posts. 

Facebook Page Insights is a great tool to improve your overall marketing efforts. You can view key metrics about your Page’s reach and engagement, as well as how your posts are performing compared to other pages. This data can help you decide whether your current messaging strategy is working or not. You can also use the information to refine your strategy for future posts. If you’re not sure whether Page Insights is right for your page, just give it a try today!

Custom Audiences 

Creating custom audiences on Facebook can be one of the best marketing features you can use to target your prospects. You can use Lookalike Audiences to target people who have recently visited your website or engaged with your brand offline. You can also use Engagement Custom Audiences to target users who have already engaged with your brand on Facebook. These features can help you find the most qualified leads, convert them into customers, and increase your revenue. 

When creating a Custom Audience on Facebook, you’ll need a list of people who are interested in your products or services. This list can be created by collecting data about your website visitors using Facebook Pixel. It can take up to 30 minutes to create a Lookalike audience. Creating a Custom Audience is easy, but you’ll want to have a list of at least 100 people to get started. 

Ad Scheduling  

You’ve probably already heard of Facebook ad scheduling, but did you know that you can schedule specific times for your ads? Prior to Facebook’s ad scheduling feature, you could only schedule your ads to run on a certain day of the week, or for a certain period of time. Additionally, you couldn’t schedule your ads to run all day, and you had to manually pause them to stop them from running. But that’s all changed now. Facebook has added ad scheduling to its ad creation process, and you can try it today. 

Unlike other advertising platforms, you can set your ad to automatically publish when you want it to, making it more likely to reach your target audience. You can even schedule it to run during non-peak times, reducing your ad budget and increasing your ad’s reach. This feature is also great if your target audience isn’t online at peak hours. Off-peak hours are often cheaper, so it makes sense to schedule your ad for these times. 

Canvas Ad Space  

Unlike traditional ads that appear in the news feed, Canvas ads open up to fill the entire screen, creating an interactive experience for readers. Canvas combines photos, videos, GIFs, and call-to-action buttons to create an engaging experience that encourages interaction. In one example, men’s clothing brand Mr. Porter used the new canvas feature to showcase their athletic apparel. After viewing the ad, users can click through to see more of their athletic wear. 

The extended length of Canvas makes it a great platform for storytelling, especially when combined with video. In fact, storytelling with this format increases the chances of a user sticking around, and may even prompt them to visit your site in the future. If you want to make a splash with Canvas, be sure to test it with a wide range of audience segments and set a reasonable budget. It may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

Pinning Posts  

One of the Facebook marketing features you can try today is pinning posts. When someone clicks on your pinned post, they will be redirected to your page. In turn, your post will be the first one that your audience sees. You can even include a call-to-action button in your pinned post. This will help you capture your audience’s attention and increase sales. 

Another great feature of this social media platform is its ability to make your post stand out more than any other type of media. For example, you can use an image as a welcome banner or a simple photo to share with your fans. The ideal size for a pinned image is 404×404 pixels. It is also possible to use the image as a promotional banner. You can use it as a background image on your profile or share it with other Facebook users.