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Revolutionize Your Ride: Top Off-Road Vehicle Customizations

Regardless of what type of vehicle you own, there are plenty of accessories that can increase your ability to navigate off-road trails. These modifications range from lift kits to tires and wheels.

Certain innate angle advantages are baked into the design of some vehicles, so a vehicle with shorter overhangs will inherently have better approach and departure angles than one with longer overhangs.

Suspension Lift Kit

There are many types of modifications you can make to improve your off-road experience and give your SUV a unique style. One of the most popular is to add a suspension lift kit. This modification increases ground clearance and allows for larger wheels and tires, allowing you to tackle tough terrains with confidence. It also enables steeper approach, departure and breakover angles to provide more stability while driving in off-road conditions.

The kit works by adding spacers to the top or bottom of factory spring and strut assemblies to increase their height. This is the cheapest and simplest type of lift kit and it’s easy for a truck or Jeep owner to install. Spacer kits can raise your vehicle’s ride height up to about four inches. Because these kits don’t change the suspension geometry, they’re safer and a better option than performance lifts or any lift that exceeds four inches.

While they may provide more ride height, body lift kits can cause your vehicle to handle poorly on highways and in high-speed off-road situations because the higher center of gravity reduces maximum safe operating angles. These kits can also create stress on drivetrain components, such as the driveshaft, axles and differential, which requires upgrading or reinforcement to maintain normal operation.

A suspension lift kit is a more extensive upgrade that replaces the existing springs and shocks to increase your vehicle’s ride height between two and six inches above the factory setting. The kit includes new springs and upgraded monotube shock absorbers that can improve off-road handling and stability, reducing bouncing while driving over rough surfaces.

While suspension lift kits can be more expensive than a body lift, they offer greater advantages for off-road use, such as increasing ground clearance and allowing for larger performance tires. This can improve your off-road capability and enable you to go further on more difficult trails and rock crawling. This type of lift kit also doesn’t leave a visible gap between the frame and the body, which improves aesthetics. In addition, the kit can help to reduce rubbing and scraping when you’re driving on uneven or muddy surfaces.


When you take your vehicle off-road, it’s bound to encounter a lot of bumps that can throw off your suspension and cause your tires to wear unevenly. That’s why it is essential to make regular visits to your trusted tire shop to have the alignment checked. This simple adjustment can help to extend the life of your tires, improve how your vehicle handles and increase your fuel economy.

There are many different tires available for off-road vehicles, each designed to handle specific types of terrain and driving styles. Our experts are happy to consult with you about your needs and recommend a set of tires that will fit perfectly on your truck. Upgrading to larger tires can also give your 4×4 a more aggressive and rugged look, while boosting your off-road capabilities.

The primary ingredients of a tire are natural and synthetic rubbers, steel, and fabric. These provide the skeleton of the tire, giving it its shape and flexibility, while adding specific performance attributes. The sidewalls and tread are then layered over this structure, adding additional strength and grip. A bead is added to secure the tire to the wheel rim, and finally the tread is designed for optimal performance.

Choosing the right type of tire for your truck is a complex process. For example, if you drive a heavy body-on-frame pickup truck, then you want a tough, heavy all-terrain tire. These are a great choice because they offer excellent off-road handling while still being well-mannered on-road. However, if you have a lighter unibody crossover truck, then you might be better off with a lighter, more civilized tire.

While it is true that heavier LT tires are more resistant to punctures than light-duty all-terrains, this advantage comes from the thicker plies of the former. The ply construction of a light-duty all-terrain tire, on the other hand, is designed to deform as it passes over obstacles and help with both ride quality and grip.


Lights are not only a must for improving your visibility on the trails. They also add a cool glow to your vehicle, giving it a unique look that stands out in parking lots and at events and shows. Whether you want to add LED wheel lights that shine bright or rock lights that illuminate your trail, or attach them to hand flag off road flags, these products are an excellent way to make your truck or UTV more visible to other drivers, even in low-light conditions.

The most important factor when it comes to safety is visibility, especially when driving at night or in challenging weather conditions. That’s why lighting is a must-have for all off-road vehicles. LED light bars not only help you see your surroundings, but they’re also a great way to add an aggressive look to your rig. They’re available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your off-road vehicle.

Another popular option for aftermarket lights is underglow lighting, which vibrantly paints your tires and the outline of your chassis when you’re at idle. You can even get a kit that includes a remote-control device so you can change the color of your underglow lights to match your mood or playlist.

For a more functional upgrade, consider wheel well LED lights. These lights are recessed into your wheel wells and cast their light downward, which makes it easier for you to see obstacles and terrain as you’re driving in the dark. Alternatively, you can choose rock lights, which illuminate the area under your vehicle’s chassis and cast their light upward so you can see your suspension in low-light conditions.

The best part about all these lighting upgrades is that they’re incredibly easy to install, making them one of the top off-road vehicle customizations you can make. So, what are you waiting for? Start adding your favorite LED lights to your rig, and you’ll be ready to take on any obstacle on the trails.


The wheels of your off-road vehicle play a huge role in how well your car performs. Whether you are crawling through a rock garden or sloshing through mud, it is important to have a high-quality wheel that will keep up with your terrain. In fact, a good set of wheels can actually save your life in some cases by providing superior traction and keeping you on track when driving. In addition to the safety benefits, upgrading your wheels can also improve your car’s appearance and handling.

There is a wide variety of wheel types to choose from, and it is important to select the correct one for your specific needs. For example, there are specialized off-road wheels that are designed to work in tandem with your tires, which can help increase traction and provide a smoother ride. Additionally, there are lightweight wheels that can help you reduce your vehicle’s overall weight, which will allow it to stop more quickly in emergency situations.

Another option is to choose a wheel with a unique design. Spinners are a great choice for this purpose, as they can add some extra flair to your vehicle’s look. These accessories sit over the top of your wheel and spin as your car moves, giving it a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. Floaters are another wheel add-on that is similar to spinners, except they do not spin and instead simply rest on the surface of your wheel.