Taking a Closer Look at the Value of Community – Essentials You Should Keep in Mind

The Community Roundtable has developed an e-book on the value of community, highlighting the positive impact of a strong community-based approach to assist organizations develop sustainable behavioral changes that result in a greater ROI.
Organizational dysfunction is at the root of many diseases and social problems, from the lack of family structure and trust to high levels of alcohol and drug use. In the case of family dynamics, Gertson and Tye first address the notion of family dysfunction as an impediment to development.
They then examine how various forms of organization, from schools to healthcare systems to religious and community institutions can promote healthy family relationships. In the case of healthcare, they review common errors made by medical professionals and highlight the need for improved documentation and communication.
Finally, in the case of religious and community institutions, they review the role religion and community play in the prevention and treatment of disease. They conclude with suggestions for changing practices and making the most of current knowledge.
The value of the community health care model refers to the efforts undertaken by community-based organizations in the promotion of wellness. Community organizing is a broad term used to describe efforts aimed at building greater social capital and the promotion of public health and wellbeing.
Some community-organizing strategies have been shown to be more effective than others at promoting wellness. One such strategy is the implementation of the first level of the arcade. The first level of the arcade is the identification and assessment of needs.
These needs are then translated into specific programs and strategies. In the case of developing a comprehensive public health care system, for example, the first level of massage would be to develop a vision and mission statement that explains what the organization does, who it is, and what it intends to do.
This statement could then be translated into specific programs such as a strategy for diabetes management, or immunization management. Next, a series of steps will be taken to translate the identified needs into concrete programs. At this point, the value of the community health care system emerges.
It is important that the health care workers involved in the process take responsibility for their own development as it is not clear what the end results of their actions may be. At the second level of the value of the community health care system, there is a focus on building organizational capacity.
In this framework, the value of community health worker capacity takes on a more encompassing meaning. What is needed is an expansion of the capacity of the existing workforce so that the new people recruited to fill vacant positions can be properly aligned with the direction of the organization.
There also needs to be an expansion of formal training programs to bring in new professionals. Lastly, the organization must become more inclusive so that inclusion becomes a reality and not just an abstract idea.
The third and final level of the value of the community health care system is implemented. Here the value of community health worker capacity is implemented in many different ways. For instance, one effective way is through the implementation of policies that make the job of treating community patients easy.
Such policies can be made into law by governing bodies or through popular vote. They can also be made into policy through the means of participatory action. The more these policies get implemented, the more the value of the community health care system will be realized.
Although there are many communities that have already implemented such policies, it would still be good to remember that these policies were only viable for a small amount of time. Eventually, these communities became unworkable because of the increasing demand for health services.
Hence, the value of community health care has not been fully realized. If implemented properly, the benefits of this system can surely overcome the problems encountered during its implementation.

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